Do you have any party planning ideas? We certainly do! Past and present planning ideas that have worked well have included: trips to clubs & lounges, to local wineries in NJ and Long Island, tea rooms, spa days, ski trips, trips to the Jersey Shore and the Hamptons, excursions to Philly, Broadway shows, murder mystery dinners and interactive theatre, yacht tours, holiday events, concerts, wax museums, candy stores, museums, scavenger hunts at local landmarks, sporting events, and much more. We have even had a political campaign tour, two music video shoots and a movie shoot on our vehicles. If you are interested in learning more avout any of these ideas, please speak with Joseph, Ann Marie, or any of our sales associates would be more than delighted to speak further with you!! Back to Top
Do we have to pay for the vehicle in between events? When renting a limousine service for the evening, you are still required to pay for the service even when you are not in the vehicle. This is your block of time. Your chauffeur has been assigned to your party for the evening. No credible limousine service will try to wedge rides between each other without jeopardizing the safety of the driver and the event for the customers. Back to Top
How do I get in contact with the driver? It is highly recommended you and your chauffeur exchange cellular telephone numbers during the early part of your trip. Several restaurants, bars, nightclubs etc , will not allow any limousines to park in the front of the building, therefore contacting your driver 10 minutes before you need him will work out well. Make certain that your chauffeur has at least 2 telephone numbers from members of your party. Often times he/she may need to contact you as well in case of an emergency. Back to Top
Is there any way to cut down the cost of the ride? We do offer discounts for "Off-Peak Days" which are Monday through Thursday. We also offer discounted rates for early morning drop-offs. With regard to weddings, we also discount early morning and Sunday weddings. We also discount multiple vehicle bookings, and are more than happy to extend a discount to our repeat, loyal clientele. We also offer a discount for military, police, fire and teachers. For couples booking their weddings, we will discount limobus packages for bachelorette and bachelor parties. Please note though that "Off peak Days" does not apply, however, to proms or formals. Back to Top
When does my time start? We do not start "counting" the time until we arrive at the doorstep of your first location at the time that you have scheduled. Some limo and transportation companies begin the time clock when they leave their office yet we do not! Back to Top
Are we permitted to bring alcohol and food on the limobus? ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Although New Jersey Limo Bus & Limousine is prohibited by law from distributing alcohol, as long as the party is legally of age, you and your party may certainly bring alcohol on the vehicles. On all of our limobuses, our tuxedoes servers will be glad to assist in chilling and serving the beverages that you bring on-board. We kindly ask, however, that you abstain from bring on-board the following, as they are prohibited: any glass beer bottles or glass bottles with metal caps, any kegs, and any coolers. You are wecome to bring on-board cans of beer or even plastic bottles, yet we have had problems with the metal caps. If someone steps on the caps, they scrape the floor. Coolers and Kegs can also scrape or damage the floor. Any coolers can be stored in the baggage compartments. FOOD: Food is certainly allowed on the limobus. Often, clients bring on-board sandwiches, wraps, trays of appetizers, pizza, and other items. Our tuxedoed hostess will even assist you in storing,unwrapping, and serving the food. We do have some storage area on board yet we do not have a microwave or a refrigerator on the vehicles. We frown upon popcorn and chips, and messy foods, yet please feel free to call us with any questions or for recommendations. Back to Top
Can we smoke in the vehicles? As with most any luxury transportation service, smoke can cause burn marks, leave an undesirable odor, and effect the health of others. Just as smoking I prohibited in New Jersey and New York restaurants, bars, and clubs, smoking I strictly prohibited inside of our fleet. If you or your party wish to smoke, our drivers will pull over at a safe area to allow you and your guests to smoke outside. Back to Top
How many stops can we make? As a luxury transportation provider, our focus is upon accomodating our clients and their respective wishes. We are more than happy to accomodate, within reason, several stops. We also advise our clients, however, that multiple stops can add up to much time spent, and thus more cost. It often benefits clients as well to meet at a central location and avoid the added time. If you have additional questions, we are available 7 days a week to discuss your planning and individual itinerary. Back to Top
Are your drivers safe? Our company boasts a strict hiring and work policy. We are proud to have many of the safest drivers on teh road. Our staff has several years experience, excellent driving records, and each member on our staff has been thoroughly trained in the company's policies and procedures, as well as in professionalism and the high level of quality service that sets us apart from our competition. Back to Top
Is there an hourly minimum? For weddings, there is usually a three hour minimum. For general rides: On Fridays and Saturdays, there is a 6 hour minimum. There is a 5 hour minimum on Sundays through Thursdays. Back to Top
Why can't I just give my itinerary to the driver that day? Much planning goes into the preperation of your ride. It is this very preperation that has earned us a reputation for excellence. Your itinerary is a key piece in the planning. Your itinerary is reviewed in our office and shared with chauffeurs and drivers in advance, so that the proper mapping and time allowances can be made. We need your itinerary atleast one week prior to your date of service. The first pick-up time and location is due upon booking. verbal and phone itineraries are not accepted, as this increases the room for miscommunication. If you are having trouble with the completion of your itinerary, please call our office and we will be glad to assist you. Back to Top
Why is a credit card imprint required on every ride? Credit card imprints are required on every ride, as part of our corporate policy. This policy is similar to when an individual rents a car or a hotel room. It is held in the event of overtime and in the event that there is damage to the vehicle by the customer. You're information is carefully held, however, and never shared. Back to Top
How far in advance should I reserve a date? Planning in advance is always wise. Although no date is too far, as we have reservations for 2009 and 2010, take into consideration many factors such as the time of year, type of event, among other issues. You may want to ask yourself: Is my event on a busy holiday weekend? Is this prom or wedding season? Is this a popular date (such as 08.08.08)? You can always contact our office at 973-305-8777 or our toll free number 1-877-LIMOBUS (1-877-546-6287) with additional questions. Back to Top
What happens if we run into traffic? Our drivers are experienced and trained in the best routes. They are also equipped with mapping devices on-board. Our drivers will take the most efficient and direct routes for you convenience. Also, please be aware that not all routes (such as Interstate Routes in NY and other areas with low bridges or narrow roadways) accomodate limo buses, and other routes may need to be taken at the descretion of the driver. We also ask you to allow time in your itinerary for traffic, as time is incurred regardless of traffic. For example, clients may want to consider holiday highway traffic, summer shore traffic, and other considerations into their planning. Back to Top
I think I left something on the vehicle... New Jersey Limo Bus and Limousine has a lost & found department and we will do our very best to locate missing items. If you notice that you have lost an item and you still have your chauffeur’s phone number from the evening, call him or her directly as soon as possible. Ask him or her to look inside of the vehicle. Often times your belongings could be wedged between the seats and no one may see it. However, please keep in mind that ultimately, we are not responsible for lost or misplaced items, so please exercise caution with personal belongings. Back to Top
How do you measure how many people fit into a vehicle? Our vehicle seating size is based upon the Department of Transportation regulations that estimate a 16 inch seat. It is, therefore, helpful to keep in mind practical planning matters, such as the size of the occupants, the size of peoples' clothing (such as gowns or dresses), among other issues. In our several years of business, dozens of clients have remarked, however, upon the roomy feeling of our limobuses and other respective vehicles. Back to Top
Do you travel to Atlantic City? On a weekly basis our fleet travels to Atlantic City. We also work closely with several casinos to obtain current promotions (such as "coin-back" offers). Although these offers are subject to the availability of each respective casino, our staff has great success in obtaining these offers for our clients. Back to Top
Can we bring music on the limobus? Certainly! We have a CD player, satellite radio, and each limobus in our fleet is IPod ready. Just bring your IPod and plug it in! Back to Top
I have heard horror stories of limo companies! How do I avoid this? Choosing a reputable transportation service is important. A reputable and professional company will be willing to meet with you in person, offer you an in-person tour of the vehicle that you will be selecting, offer you referrals, accept several forms of payment to choose from (other than cash), own their own vehicles, have reliable and trained staff, and focus upon your wishes. Avoid or use caution when dealing with companies that mention or fail to mention hidden surcharges, that keep the newest vehciles in their fleet at the office and thens end something "comparable" the day of service, disregard laws with regard to capacity or smoking, or have a negative Better Business Burea reputation or lack of referrals. New Jersey Limo Bus remains a proud member of the Better Business Burea, exceeds State and Dept of Transportation compliance regulations, and is truly interested in the interest of our clients...that is why we are in this line of work to begin with!! Back to Top
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